Jinyi Duan - The Flavor Continues

Jinyi Duan

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Jinyi started their dance journey San Diego at the age of 20 with choreography. Their first introduction into the street and club dance cultures was through House dance, immediately falling in love with it for the history, community, and individuality it offered. It was the first space they felt that they actually belonged. The community challenged them to be a better version of themself each day and offered a safe space when they couldn't find any. It gave them a pathway, mentors, and other likeminded individuals. The more they got involved in it, the more they became convinced that we have the blueprint to society in the future. All this drove them to co-found The Flavor Continues. 


Achievements and participation: Paul Ambrose Scholars 2019, Institute of Nonprofit Core Certificate 2022, Harvard Business School x ACOM, GivingTuesday, Creative Community Fellows: New England, 585 Advisory Board.

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Brian lim

Co-Founder & Operations Director

Brian, better known as Brian Pistols, stepped into breaking at the young age of 11 years old. Considering himself a student of the craft and lover of the artform, his roots run deep within the breaking scene. Starting on a similar path as most breakers do, he heavily focused on competitions. His journey grew and pushed him to become a multi-faceted resource in the Massachusetts breaking community, whether it was getting down, competing, performing, organizing, hosting, judging, or teaching; Brian has done it all. Through his eyes, the most impactful accomplishment to date is the connections he has built with the community near and far beyond the competitions.

Brian is the curator behind one of New England’s favorite and most highly anticipated events “Entering ShaoLynn'' held in his hometown, Lynn, MA. It is at this event which you may have heard or seen the reiteration of “the flavor continues”, as it started out as his motto, later manifesting into the moniker of the nonprofit organization before you today. Currently, he is the Operations Director of TFC, bringing this passion project to life.


bao pham

Creative Director

Bao transitioned to the Boston area in 2018 from Portland, Oregon, where her dance journey stems out of her homegrown freestyle community since starting in 2009. Moving beyond sessions and battles, Bao shifted to event organizing in her local scene with the ADAPT team with the dance celebration holding its annual summer event within the Portland Metro and Beaverton area. Aside from event curating, her most prominent role includes the media team, with camera work at events such as ADAPT (PDX), Block Party (CO), Roots Before Leaves (PDX/WA), Bang Bang Boogie (PDX), Murmuration (CO), etc.

A firm believer in serving the community through different avenues, her interdisciplinary approach is influenced by the collaborative efforts of those within and beyond her hometown. Through this non-profit, she hopes to use the platform to bridge communities and create links between different scenes. Moving forward, she also aspires to produce elevated visual experiences, reflecting the values and intentions of the non-profit, the collaborations, and the community.


alex ambila

Artistic Director

As a member of TFC's executive board, Alex leads visual branding and graphic design. He is also one half of the media team, where he aids in providing media coverage services (film, photography, video editing, production assistant), social media content, and event fliers. He draws much of his attention to detail and the importance of process from his schooling at Wentworth Institute of Technology, where he received his Bachelors degree in Architecture. For Alex, working for TFC gives him the opportunity to to fulfill his goal of giving back to the same communities that he is a part of. He is currently a member of Krump crew "Black Flag" (characterized as BLVCKFLXG) and choreography-based crew "Sad Boys Club" (characterized as sd.bys.clb.) – both Boston-based crews that focus on culture, creativity, and forward progression. Within his dance career, he has won several local events, and has made top ranks in many others. In addition to his battle successes, he is a two-time invitee for RedBull’s Dance Your Style Boston, and has judged and taught in and around the Boston area as well. Dance is a very important part of Alex’s life, and he seeks to share his art and his philosophy of dance with others, while still remaining a student of his craft.

“Your natural ability to dance can be your strongest tool. Once you add structure and choose a foundation, you can adapt to any style, or create your own style. Labels aren’t always important. What is more important is being true to the music, and being true to yourself.”