McArthur "Mac" Remy

Introductory Mentor | 2019 - Present

McArthur (Mac) Rémy was born and raised all around the Boston area. Mac discovered his love of dance when he joined the Break Dance Club his freshman year of high school. Through the styles of Popping, Breaking, and Krump, dance transformed Mac from a shy child - always hiding from attention, into the leader, teacher, and performer he is today. 


In his junior year of high school Mac became President of the Break Dance club, and decided to change the name to the Street Dance Club as that conveyed more diversity in the styles of its members. He began teaching, and even caught the attention of the high school drama director who asked him to perform in the school play. In college he continued to dance, perform, teach, and do showcases which included performing during a fashion show. Which featured multiple expressions of art including singing, music production, and video production. Through these showcases He was able to deepen and develop his love of dance while also getting his first real taste with choreography.


Mac combined his love of dance with psychology and youth and used it to teach children and adolescents at the YMCA and the Boys & Girls Club for a year. There he was able to see how dance allowed people to express their authentic self with confidence.


Challenging himself to bring his dancing skills to the next level, Mac began competing in dance battles, an essential part of the Street Dance culture. He has participated in Boston's own battles at Stackin’ Stylez, and Rebirth. And even went as far as Canada to compete at Jack of All Trades.


In 2019 He has been a dance coach and teacher for Everybody Dance Now and The Flavor Continues in partnership with 3Point foundation where he would teach fundamentals of freestyle and elements of popping twice a week. One of Mac's greatest pleasures in dance is entertaining and getting others to smile. When teaching, his goal is to help others express themselves comfortably through dance.

Brian Pistols

Brian Lim (Brian Pistols)

Breaking Mentor | 2020 - Present

Brian Pistols began teaching in 2003 at the local Boys and Girls Club of Lynn’s “After School Breaking Program” with his first crew, the Bai Cha Breakers; the program lasted for three years. Growing both personally and artistically, his approach to sharing Breaking evolved to a multi-layered practice. From creative approaches, refining technique, and historical context, Brian sees himself more as a guide to the students development process, embracing each individual’s uniqueness. 


In 2015, after the expressed interest of youths in the city of Lynn, Brian Pistols would relaunch the Boys and Girls Club program as an “Evening Breaking Program”. This would later spark the grassroots event, “Entering ShaoLynn,” as a way to continue giving back to his hometown and served as the seed for The Flavor Continues (TFC) nonprofit organization. In 2018, his teaching practice grew beyond his hometown, three hours away at the YMCA of the Berkshires with the “Advanced Breaking Program”. Most notable in Brian Pistols’ teaching experience occurred in 2019 with the Next Level USA program where he served as an Artist-Educator, Cultural Ambassador, and Hip-Hop Diplomat in a two-week residency in various parts of Russia. 


Outside of institutionalized teaching, Brian Pistols’ feels his informal teaching and mentorship has had far greater impact even to those who no longer continue Breaking. His belief that dance teaches an individual the necessary principles to persevere and achieve both within and outside of dance make his guidance applicable as both dance and life lessons.


From teaching the youth of his hometown to sharing his knowledge on a global scale, Brian Pistols continues this work as a TFC Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Program coach to the same group of students from the “Advanced Breaking Program” in the Berkshires on a weekly basis through lessons online.

xav 2.jpg

Xavia Perkins

Krump Mentor | 2020 - Present

Xavia Perkins aka S!CK/WarTrigga/Twin RiP is a choreographer and dancer residing in Boston. He’s currently active in Trend N Motion Dance Crew, performing for and teaching others of all age groups spread across New England, Blvck FLXG (a Boston based Krump group striving to keep the Boston Krump community alive), the Zendicate, and the Shawp. He travels to different regions in the United States to battle and expand his craft, showing the proper Krump environment, history, and essence. The Shawp is his own fam that he has created, even though it is a battle based fam, they still partake in throwing sessions bringing people to the culture.

Xavia has taught in Umass Amherst and Amherst College, as well as workshops for college groups Xclusive and Expressive Movement. He has previously led/taught his high school group “Urbanology”. He has competed in many different areas including Choreography competitions, taking the win at Bean Town Bounce, as well as in Unknown hype competitions on big stages like Apollo, making it to the semi finals with Trend N Motion. He has also competed at solo events such as World of Dance, receiving both top 16 and semifinals, and was invited for tournaments at Krump events all over the U.S including Ohio, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Texas, and New York. 

He believes dance is a lifestyle just like another sport, requiring daily work in finding everyday actions to incorporate into your dance and tell your story. This is amazing to him because everyone has gone through different experiences: dance is a great way to get in touch with your story and project it as such. Expression is his biggest aspect to dance knowing that every move he does from the heart and nothing is faked. You can feel when someone is on point because their movement is from them which he values greatly. 

He is currently in pursuit of making Boston Krump more of an acceptable community to other styles while keeping the understanding of the culture true to its roots because the style is so misunderstood.


Eddie Akeem Brimage

(RiP aka BiiiGZ3N)