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We’re excited to officially announce our new partnership with MOTA wellness space in the Union Square neighborhood of Somerville! TFC @ MOTA begins on Thursday Feb 17th! See the schedule for our offerings, and please remember to bring your own water. As per ongoing COVID regulations, masks are required to be worn while indoors.



We’ll be located at 11 Bow St, Somerville, MA 02143



We’ll be operating out of 2 studios, with Studio 1 at 40 max capacity and Studio 2 at 15 max capacity.


For accessibility transparency, please note that you have to go up a flight of outdoor stairs to reach TFC at MOTA. If using Studio 2, you will need to go down a small set of stairs. There is no elevator access.

Studio 1
MOTA Studio 1
Studio 2
MOTA Studio 2


  • 3pm - 5pm: Open Uprocking in Studio 1

  • 4:15pm - 6:15pm: Private Session in Studio 2


  • 7:45pm - 10:45pm: Open Breaking in Studio 1

  • 8:15pm - 11:00pm: Open Popping in Studio 2


  • 7:45pm - 9:15pm: Open Funk Styles in Studio 2

  • 9:30pm - 11pm: Private Session in Studio 2


  • 8pm - 11pm: Open Breaking in Studio 1

  • 8:15pm - 10pm: Open Waacking in Studio 2


  • 4pm - 7pm: Open House Dance in Studio 1

  • 4pm - 6pm: Open Hip Hop Freestyle in Studio 2


We’re also excited to announce that we’ll be starting a Membership Program on Patreon to access our space for $25/month, or $18/month with Student ID or EBT card.


All members are automatically enrolled in our TFC X BetterHelp Offer of one free month of therapy and 15% discount every month in perpetuity (aka forever, forever ever); whether or not you choose to activate your offer is up to you and your usage remains completely anonymous to The Flavor Continues.


  • Not interested in a membership? We still have our Pay-What-You-Can drop-in fee with a suggested range of $5-$10 each visit. Please note: You must fill out a fee waiver every time you are contributing under $5.

  • Cannot afford membership? To ensure financial accessibility to our sessions, those that cannot afford the suggested drop-in price can fill out a fee waiver to either receive a discount or enter for free. Please note: You must fill out a fee waiver every time you are contributing under $5.



To communicate updates for TFC @ MOTA, we have launched a Discord server. Our Discord is the only official platform for updates directly from The Flavor Continues; no other groupchat on any platform is operated by our team. Our Discord is the only place we can guarantee you’ll receive updates directly from us on space and scheduling.


Sign up takes less than 1 min! Join our the TFC Discord server HERE!

TFC @ Mota Discord


With this new space, we will require all visitors to fill out a liability wavier and media consent form.

We have created a New Visitor’s intake form to launch our new operations and continue serving the Street and Club dance communities. You can fill it out when you visit us at TFC at MOTA, but if you wanna be ahead of the line, please complete the online form below.