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Our mission

To preserve the root and evolve the street and club dance culture in authenticity, providing a space for the public to experience and celebrate alongside our community through innovative events and education.

To give back and give more.

  • Preservation & Evolution

    Preserving history through education and keeping the evolution of the arts relevant

    to today’s needs.

  • Education

    Sharing history and culture within the context of street

    & club dance forms, made accessible to all demographics through discussions, events, and programming.

  • authenticity & Integrity

    Abiding by timeless principles

    of the culture, with honesty

    at its core. 

  • merit & opportunity

    Providing opportunities to those that have contributed, upheld the values, passed on knowledge, and progressed the culture.



The Flavor Continues (TFC) est. 2019, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in  Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Spearheaded by members of the street and club dance community, TFC pursues the creation of a sustainable foundation for the culture. The formation of this organization is in response to the never ending need to provide resources and uplift members of the marginalized communities by promoting social justice, employment, well-being, and education - all through the art forms of various street and club dances. 


“The flavor continues” was first used as a moniker, eventually evolving into a statement representing the organization’s consistent dedication in providing for the community. Seeing value in the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental blessings this culture brings to the world, TFC believes in returning the same gifts back to the culture by providing boundless opportunities, fighting for representation, and promoting unity. We center our values on authenticity, merit, integrity, collaboration, and preservation, and have a centralized goal in sharing the true meaning behind each artform with the general public. 


Starting as an organization focused solely on curating dance events, TFC soon found themselves at the intersection of historical preservation, public health, education, and community preservation connecting.  Now, TFC seeks to evolve the culture by continuing to serve through transformative and novel methods in its programming. In collaborative efforts to work alongside other organizations and individuals, The Flavor Continues strives to open up opportunities for fellow creatives to strengthen their connections with one another through various mediums and platforms, generating an ecosystem that fuels and bridges both the creative and professional landscape.


The ExECUTIVE team

Meet the founders & current executive staff. 

Jinyi Duan

Co-Founder & Executive Director | They/Them

Starting their dance journey in San Diego at the age of 20, Jinyi was originally involved in choreography before dedicating their time to various styles of street and club dance. They were the previous co-founder and co-coordinator of FUSION Hip-Hop Dance Association NPO (2014-2016), a choreography competition, and was a part of the competitive dance team Ascension. In 2016, they left the choreography scene in search for the roots of hip-hop and to discover their own individuality, soon finding the House community. It was through this that they became passionate about the cultural origins and art forms of street and club dance, seeking to uphold history and knowledge, eventually learning styles such as Krump, Waacking, Vogue, and Popping. They have traveled across the world to experience other cultures, and continue to teach and compete in various States. They look forward to being the Executive Director of The Flavor Continues in upholding the authentic and original culture of various styles of dance, fighting for social justice, participating in collaborations, building, and exchanging with those both within and outside of the dance community.

Brian lim

Co-Founder & Operations Director | He/Him/His

Brian, better known as Brian Pistols, stepped into breaking at the young age of 11 years old. Considering himself a student of the craft and lover of the artform, his roots run deep within the breaking scene. Starting on a similar path as most breakers do, he heavily focused on competitions. His journey grew and pushed him to become a multi-faceted resource in the Massachusetts breaking community, whether it was getting down, competing, performing, organizing, hosting, judging, or teaching; Brian has done it all. Through his eyes, the most impactful accomplishment to date is the connections he has built with the community near and far beyond the competitions. 
Brian is the curator behind one of New England’s favorite and most highly anticipated events “Entering ShaoLynn'' held in his hometown, Lynn, MA. It is at this event which you may have heard or seen the reiteration of “the flavor continues”, as it started out as his motto, later manifesting into the moniker of the nonprofit organization before you today. Currently, he is the Operations Director of TFC, bringing this passion project to life.

Bao pham

Creative Director | She/Her/They/Them

Bao transitioned to the Boston area in 2018 from Portland, Oregon, where her dance journey stems out of her homegrown freestyle community since starting in 2009. Moving beyond sessions and battles, Bao shifted to event organizing in her local scene with the ADAPT team with the dance celebration holding its annual summer event within the Portland Metro and Beaverton area. Aside from event curating, her most prominent role includes the media team, with camera work at events such as ADAPT (PDX), Block Party (CO), Roots Before Leaves (PDX/WA), Bang Bang Boogie (PDX), Murmuration (CO), etc. 
A firm believer in serving the community through different avenues, her interdisciplinary approach is influenced by the collaborative efforts of those within and beyond her hometown. 
Through this non-profit, she hopes to use the platform to bridge communities and create links between different scenes. Moving forward as the Creative Director of The Flavor Continues, she also aspires to produce elevated visual experiences, reflecting the values and intentions of the non-profit, the collaborations, and the community.

Alex ambila

Artistic Director | He/Him/His

Alex is a self-taught dancer who has been dancing for 14 years, beginning his debut in the Boston dance scene while in college. He is a popper and krumper with experience in and influence from other dance styles including (but not limited to), freestyle hip-hop, house, breaking, and urban African dances. He has been participating in freestyle competitions inside and outside of Boston since 2014, with his most recent hometown victories at OVRDRV 9.0 @ Boston University Rebirth Vol.2 @ Emerson, and The Foundation 1v1 Freestyle Battle in May of 2019. Over the years, he has worked with members of Phunk Phenomenon and Project 2 Studios, and has played a role in several music videos for both locally and globally known musical artists. Alex has also participated in and assisted in planning several other events and projects with other dancers and artists from Boston’s artist community. He is currently a member of Black Flag (characterized as BLVCKFLXG) and Sad Boys Club (characterized as sd.bys.clb) – both Boston-based crews that focus on culture, creativity, and hard work. Street dance culture is a very important part of his life, and he seeks to share his art and his philosophy of dance with others, while still remaining a student of his craft.

“Your natural ability to dance can be your strongest tool. Once you add structure and choose a foundation, you can adapt to any style, or create your own style. Labels aren’t always important. What is more important is being true to the music, and being true to yourself.”



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