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Our mission

To preserve the root and evolve the street and club dance culture in authenticity, providing a space for the public to experience and celebrate alongside our community through innovative events and education.

To give back and give more.

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Who We Are


The Flavor Continues (TFC) est. 2019, is the first community led non-profit 501(c)(3) organization serving street and club dance in Greater Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It is spearheaded by members within the street and club dance community pursuing creating a sustainable foundation for the culture. The formation of this organization is in response to the never ending need to provide resources and uplift members of the marginalized communities by promoting social justice, employment, well-being, and education - all through the art forms of various street and club dances. 


“The flavor continues” was first used as a moniker, eventually evolving into a statement representing the organization’s consistent dedication in providing for the community. Seeing value in the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental blessings this culture brings to the world, TFC believes in returning the same gifts back to the culture by providing boundless opportunities, fighting for representation, and promoting unity. We center our values on authenticity, merit, integrity, collaboration, and preservation, and have a centralized goal in sharing the true meaning behind each art form with the general public. 


Starting as an organization focused solely on curating dance events, TFC soon found themselves at the intersection of historical preservation, public health, education, and community preservation connecting. Now, TFC seeks to evolve the culture by continuing to serve through transformative and novel methods in its programming. In collaborative efforts to work alongside other organizations and individuals, The Flavor Continues strives to open up opportunities for fellow creatives to strengthen their connections with one another through various mediums and platforms, generating an ecosystem that fuels and bridges both the creative and professional landscape.

Vision & Values

Our vision is to elevate the status of street and club dance, advocate for equal rights in the artistic realm, and promote the collaboration of disciplines, generations, and opportunity. 


Preserving history through education and keeping the evolution of the arts relevant to today's needs.


Sharing history and culture within the context of street & club dance forms, made accessible to all demographics through discussions, events, and programming.

& Integrity

Abiding by timeless principles of the culture, with honesty at its core. 

Merit & 

Providing opportunities to those that have contributed, upheld the values, passed on knowledge, and progressed the culture.

The Team

Jinyi Duan
Brian Lim
Bao Pham
Alex Ambila
Aaron Myers
Yhinny Matos


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