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We're expanding our staff! Our positions are currently on a volunteer basis, with their description and requirements attached below. If you have any interest in volunteering, please fill out our linked application.

We have two different formulations to our opportunities:

1. standard listed role descriptions

2. fluid opportunities

All of our standard role descriptions are listed above. A volunteer serving in one of these roles is responsible for all that is listed within the specified position.  Our fluid structure allows you to create your own role description, pursuing your own passion project by defining the role you wish to serve on our staff. This option is very malleable and must be coordinated first with our team. This option is great for those who wants to volunteer with us, however may not find their expertise listed.

Volunteer Position

Communications Manager

We're looking for a communications extraordinaire to assist us in maintaining internal and external channels, setting best practices, and contributing to creating our organizational language!  

Full Description

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