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Our mission centers marginalized communities through contributing to, advocating for, and nurturing the Street and Club dance cultures & ecosystem. We amplify these already existing art forms through our five programming divisions:

education, community space, community engagement, media, and events


We generate social impact through community-building by:


1) Providing spaces and opportunities for our communities to have greater access to wellness and self-development. Our communities include artists who are aspiring and lifestyle practitioners of Street and Club dance. We’ve found that recurring and consistent programming is a pivotal corner stone in building opportunities to facilitate artistic exploration, emotional processing and development, and BE.


2) Bridging generational and socioeconomic gaps by strengthening intersectional relationships within marginalized communities. This shares forward an intergenerational wealth of knowledge and wisdom most authentically passed on through oral tradition. Our professional infrastructure enables community members access to resources previously unavailable. Through this, they’re able to create their own opportunities, activate their own community led visions, and give back to their own neighborhoods.

Our Community Spaces are fostered by the individual expression, creative freedom, and relationship building opportunities that can be utilized by marginalized communities. We provide space for cultural information to be shared, giving rise to both self and artistic development where people can apply these skills in person.

We seek to change the paradigm of learning by converting it to an integrated, reflexive, and comprehensive curriculum, created from dance by dancers. These methods are meant to be applicable to everyday life for people of marginalized communities.

We bring events back to the fundamental levels, paying homage to the history and traditions of these celebrations, building from the ground up. We are committed first and foremost to our own local communities through these efforts by employing our own members, providing gateway opportunities for these artists to express and share their craft with the public. 

To supplement our communities' accomplishments, we provide and support media coverage and documentation of events and happenings within the area to promote historical preservation. These cultures have traditionally been inadequately documented due to lack of resources. We know attending events can be difficult, so experience and relive these moments with us through stills and recaps!

Our curated spaces and programming are intentionally set for communal exchange outside of typical dance events. They take the form of cyphers, sessions, and gatherings, bridging gaps between generations and dance forms on a more personal level to tailor unique experiences. 

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