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Our education programming consists of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), collegiate classes, and workshops. These vary in duration and can occur outside of our community spaces.


We structure and adapt our educational programming towards neurodivergent learning, using a ‘toolbox’ method within a fluid curriculum. The “toolbox” is a curation of learnings collected over time by numerous teachers throughout their experience in life. These include lessons on personal and relationship developments, all in relationship to movement and our dance forms. This method supplies our educators with various approaches and strategies for a dynamic learning environment.


We employ educators from our dance community to teach youth and adults alike, providing authentic education, and student-centered programming with a focus on their development as dancers and as humans. We're committed to collective community building through ongoing conversations with educators, parents, and students.


Social Emotional


Using the cultural concepts of cypher, freestyle, and friendly competition, we create opportunities for youth to experiment with how they move and who they are. Our lessons are meant to be spacious, allowing youth to discover and experience organically. At the core of Street and Club dance is the concept of exchange and expression, whether as an individual, sharing with others, or in healthy competition. These were art forms developed in marginalized communities, used for freedom of expression, liberation, and reconciliation.


We provide weekly programming to student groups at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT began January 2021) and Northeastern University (NEU began January 2022). Our program at MIT began as lessons but has shifted into another session space, open to the Breaking community. Northeastern’s programming consists of lessons that span the entire semester.


These programs began due to student interest and our own mission; many student groups had a pre-existing history with our communities prior to our incorporation. Through our programming, we emphasize how the dance is rooted in marginalized communities, and understanding its energy and significance is essential to cultural preservation of these art forms. We consciously bridge our grassroots communities and the collegiate students to create longevity and sustainability.

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Our workshops are either provided by our core team or in collaboration with community members. We focus on providing a cultural understanding of the movements behind Street and Club dance. Our class materials center the authentic representation of these art forms, with the goal of offering spaces of expression for students to explore and develop their own flavor of dance. Our workshops may be either a one-time pop-up or in a series format, covering forms such as House, Hip-Hop, Waacking, Popping, and other Street and Club dance forms.


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Meet our 

Meet our roster of community member educators, their respective education program, and dance form!

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