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We appreciate your visit to our website and learning more about our nonprofit. As a small grassroots organization that strives to give back and give more, our ethos is guided through our mission and values every step of the way. We believe that street and club dance can impact and change lives no matter what stage they are in; it leads through the lifestyle. 


Our deepest gratitude for everyone who has contributed to our mission - whether that is monetary, in kind donations, sharing a post, or even spreading the word about our work. The Flavor Continues would not be here without you.

Though our community is large, funding is limited. Please consider supporting us through visiting our donation portal or using the donation form (desktop) with the option of indicating the type of funding destination. We understand how passionate our community is for various initiatives and we want to stay transparent on where your support is going. Again, thank you for believing in us as much as we believe in this movement. 

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We've highlighted some of our generous donors who have supported us during our fundraising campaigns. Community support has played a pivotal role in getting our organization off the ground. The symbiotic relationship between our organization and the people that we serve, truly is the engine that pushes us forward. We wouldn't be at this point in our mission without the power of the people.

Listed below are people who have financially contributed to our organization. Many have contributed to us in other tremendous ways as well, and have been recognized for doing so. In addition to members of the street and club dance communities, these lists are filled with the names of friends & family that support the mission. It means a lot to us that there are individuals outside of our communities that continue to support what we do.

We can't thank you enough for believing in us and our mission. 

Entering ShaoLynn


Tony TBags
Roviel Arquiza
Amber Jamanka
Garrett Lee
Ann Busby Hill
Odylle Beder
Daniel Martinez
Leng Lim
Alfred Hibbert
Christopher Lau
Peter Fan
Eddie Lim
Khai Truong
Peter Chang
Ji Tae Park
Sonny Sonshine Li
Kenechi Unachukwu
Cindy Sous
Vanna Trieu
Pascal Foelix
Chris Cao

Christophe Bruce Barnes


Sean Bjerke
Ashish Gurung
Nik Cheung
Dat Le
Brian Roel Mangilog
Annie Vo
Anthony Ninthala

Zachary Say

Nate Braim
Lauren Putman
Betsy Quitugua
Howie Nguyen

Nima Dehmamy
Philip Li
Nat Nicole
Gabriela Guerra
Daniel Younghwan Lee
Taylor Lomba
Huy Le
Tran Thi Linh My
Carrie Ramirez
Reia Briggs-Connor

Timmy Chhoeun

Erin Redd
Andrea David Graziano
Curt Rage
Ladee Bugz
Melissa Sujin
Joel Aware Zayas
Anthony Nam Tran
Sara Martignoni
Marcos Hernandez
Jimmy Le
Virginia Liu-Compton
Susanna Liu
Zwannah Lee
Johnny Pham
Alex Ung
Khang Nguyen

Thorn Lim
Hannah Sidra
Mogahid Fadl
Kelyn Zhang
Ke Vin

Trung Danh
Cinda Danh

Edwin Tran

Thavy Doeur
Gustavo Escobar
Gabriel Bryant

JepStar TaLa
Candy Foelix
Danny Nguyen
Hakim Dot Zee
Bobby Cha
Cristina Vickcheka
Lori Chang
Reez Eliezer Israel
Meinhard Taka Valentine
LP Sang
Matt B-Milk Mullaney

Johnny Tang
Alfred Hibbert
Sophia Morgan
Jeff Steinbrink
Eric Lee
Christine Ho

Nick Li

Kyle Martin

London Long

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