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Battle 4 Boston (2022)

Battle 4 Boston (October 15, 2022) organized by Harvard Breakers, held at Lowell Lecture Hall (Cambridge, MA).

Unmatched Energy” is a series of zines where I highlight moments in the jams that I attend as a form of commentary and documentation. The main intentions with the zine to capture the energy and vibe of the jams. I often bring my camera to the jams and take photos. I compile the photos into a small hand zine where I add my recollection of events. I also record moments before the Jam actually starts.

Rayya Chek is an artist from Lynn, MA. He is currently in school at Tufts University,

pursuing a MFA and BA in Sociology. As an artist, he primarily works in Adobe Illustrator,

Photoshop and Indesign as a graphic artist. He hopes to explore themes of self-identity in his

future works.


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