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The House Exchange

The first event coming out of The Flavor Continues, The House Exchange came to the Roxbury neighborhood of Nubian Square, bringing together House dancers and music enthusiasts from all over the greater Boston area.

The House Exchange was first debuted in November 2019 as a way to bridge the gap between the younger and older generations within the House community in Massachusetts, while providing the newer generation with an understanding of how the original style came to exist as a club dance.

The event is grassroots, and based off of an original format created by TFC that emphasizes the exchanging of “stalking” that occurs between two people in the clubs, as opposed to a typical 1vs1 or 2vs2 battle. The venue, atmosphere, and timing were all adjusted to best mimic that of a club while bringing a competitive edge to the event.

The 2019 event was hosted in partnership with The Black Market and Release Your Dance. We looked forward to making it annual as the event received positive feedback from the community. However due to COVID19, the 2020 sequel was canceled. We nevertheless look forward to bringing it back in 2021.

Photos by Jeffry Georges


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