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Who Belongs Here, Who Doesn't? Cypher (2022)

"Who Belongs Here, Who Doesn't" Cypher organized by The Flavor Continues (@theflavorcontinues) held at Town Field Park (Dorchester, MA).

Video recap filmed and edited by Alex Ambila (@bila_monster)

The freestyle dance cypher at the “Who Belongs Here, Who Doesn’t” outdoor multimedia arts exhibition was held back in late September 2022. The exhibition amplified critical narratives of Southeast Asian and impacted members stories of home, ongoing deportation, and displacements such as gentrification.

As Street and Club dancers, finding a place where we belong has been an ongoing concern and is a part of a much larger issue. We are more than happy to stand and rock with those fighting for space equity!

A cypher, as opposed to a formal dance performance, allows the general public to experience, celebrate, AND JOIN in on an authentic and spontaneous presentation of various Street & Club dance-forms. It is a time and space to communicate your style, truth, and how you’re feeling NOW through the universal language of movement.

Thank you Ngoc-Tran Vu, in collaboration with Sam Lê Shave, AARW, Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture & the City of Boston, Olmsted Now Parks Equity, artists, volunteers, and supporters for the wonderful exhibition sharing space with our communities. And THANK YOU to all the Street and Club dance community members that came out to get down with us!

Video recap by Alex Ambila


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