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The House Gathering

The House Gatherings were hosted by The Flavor Continues (TFC) in collaboration with Sole Rhythmics (SR) every other Saturday, for 4 hours each session (although usually lasting much longer) throughout the summer months in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The goal of the programming was to fortify feelings of community, combating the isolating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. A maximum of 25 people attended per session due to capacity restrictions. With capacity being generally met, it was filled by people in varying demographics, from 21 to 45 years old, of all ethnicities, gender identifications, and so forth.

We are proud to bring forth a gathering for this multicultural community, celebrating the African American roots of the art form while promoting the unification of which the House culture brings. While many people may be able to learn “House dance” in studios, a crucial aspect of the culture and feeling is often missing when students are not taught in the source of origination; the clubs. We designed our sessions to fill these gaps. In true essence of the house spirit and with a goal of incubating the culture, the sessions were formed with cyphers and individual exchanges as it would be in the clubs.

Photos by Armhed Louis (@alouisjean_n_color)



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